Give Me More

Give Me More


This plan let's you mix and match to your heart's content. Combine your favorite soup or salad with a staple of your choice- all sent to your door when you decide!

Plan operates on a weekly Monday-Friday basis   


Includes: One staple + the choice of a soup or salad. $125 for a week's worth (5 meals) plus standard delivery fee.

Soup choices are:

  • A Miami Classic
  • Crazy about Curry
  • Borscht on the Brain
  • Tasty Tomato
  • Popeye's Dream

Salad choices are:

  • Berry Good 
  • A Greek Rainbow
  • Remember Me
  • Beans, Please!

Staple choices are:

  • Mediterranean Plate
  • Spicy Kimchi 'Fried' Rice
  • Fresh Rolls
  • Salmon & Confetti Salad
  • Not Your Average Lentils
  • Sketti-Squash Bolognese
  • Picadillo with Cauliflower 'Rice'
  • Imperial Rice
  • Good Grains
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