How can food impact my brain health?

Your brain is one of the most hard-working organs in your body. Because of this, it needs to be replenished with ‘clean’ sources of energy in order to continue to work at an optimal level. What you put into your body, via food, can affect anything from your mood, to the neuroanatomical integrity of your brain. There are a couple of reasons for this: first, there is a direct connection between your gut and your brain. Your gastrointestinal tract is lined with neurons that help balance your emotions. Did you know that about 90% of the serotonin, a neurochemical responsible for changes in your mood and memory, is made in your gut? So foods that maintain a ‘healthy gut’ such as fermented foods like sauerkraut (found in our ‘Borscht on the Brain’ soup) can help keep your emotions in check. Also, foods that decrease inflammation, such as tomatoes and green leafy vegetables (think our ‘Tasty Tomato’ soup and ‘Remember Me’ salad) make sure that the parts of your brain responsible for regulating your feelings, like the hippocampus, are not overactive and causing extreme highs and lows. Second, crazily enough, a lot of what makes up your brain can actually be found in food! So what we choose to put on our plate can also quite literally be the building blocks of our brains. An example is fat. Your brain is about 60% fat, so consuming healthy fats such as Omega-3s found in walnuts, salmon, and flax (hello ‘Salmon and Confetti Salad’ and ‘Nuttyberry Truffles’) can help maintain your brain’s structure and function. We could go on and on, and there is so much more we still need to learn about our brains, but feeding them well is definitely a good place to start!


Are you claiming this will cure me of any brain-based imbalance?

No. You can find the legalese-version under ‘we want to be clear’ on our homepage, but simply put, although we firmly believe in food’s ability to help rebalance the brain, we do not claim to be curative nor do we encourage you to discontinue any treatment plan you may already be on. Basically we want to be a source of support and a complement to any mental-health-care you may already be doing!


What sets you apart from the other prepared-meal companies out there?

Our mission is to incorporate ingredients that are known to support brain health into an approachable and flavorful meal. Sure there are other companies that use ingredients that are ‘healthy’, ‘natural’, and can ‘boost your mood’, but eating to feed your brain isn’t their main goal; for us, it’s our bread and butter, literally.


Are you 100% organic?

We are not. But we want to be! For now, we make sure any item on the ‘dirty dozen’ list is organic and that our animal proteins are hormone and antibiotic-free.


Are you 100% gluten-free and dairy-free?

We do not use any items that contain either dairy or gluten. However, we do not have an official ‘gluten-free’ certification.


Are your delivery materials eco-friendly?

They are! Our packaging is made from sugarcane and recycled materials. Everything except the lid of our soup containers and the small dressing cups is compostable; we’re pretty proud of that.


Do you cater/ cook for private events?

Yes! If you’re interested, contact us and we’ll set up a meeting and get ready to party!


Are you hiring?  

So, that’s complicated. For now, no, but we will be soon. If you’re interested, shoot us a note and we’ll keep you in mind for the future!